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Using the carrot and the stick with Libya and the Arab World

International diplomats are meeting today in Rome to discuss how best to support Libya's rebels. And one proposal would create a new Marshall Plan for the Arab World.

Was Kate the most 'political' choice?

Historically, royal marriages played a big role in the political and economic future for the country. Who would have been a good choice for Prince William, if that were still the case today?

J&J buys orthopedic company in $21.3 bil. deal

Johnson and Johnson has agreed to buy Swiss orthopedic medical device company Synthes -- a move addressing the needs of an aging population.
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Europe minds the U.S. government shutdown

The BBC's Rebecca Singer explains why economists and investors are watching the U.S. budget situation closely.

Boeing, Airbus received unfair subsidies, says WTO

A ruling released today from the World Trade Organization says Boeing received illegal government subsidies. That's after a similar ruling against Airbus last year.
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Microsoft files EU complaint against Google

Tech giant Microsoft has filed an anti-trust complaint in Europe against Google.

Survey: China's economic power concerns developed nations

The BBC's Rebecca Singer explains the latest finds from a survey conducted by the BBC, measuring public concern over China's economic power.
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Japan quake to affect manufacturing industry

Other countries in manufacturing could see benefits as Japan's industry tries to recover.

British record labels look toward new media for fresh talent

Hit talent shows like "The X Factor" have become a prime source of new talent for the British music industry.
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Emerging economies gain on Forbes billionaire list

Forbes has released its 2011 list of world billionaires. Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim tops the list for the second year in a row, but for the first time, the Asia-Pacific region had more billionaires than Europe.
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