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As fast food makes inroads, India's obesity rate rockets

For many better-off young Indians, Western-style fast food is considered cool. And as they down burgers and sugary sodas, obesity is spreading.
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With Mars orbiter, India boldly goes where it hasn't been before

India will try to become the fourth nation to reach Mars.
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India wants foreign banks to do business in rural areas

India wants more foreign banks to lend in rural areas. But will the new rules appeal to the banks?
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Walmart to buy out partner in Indian stores

Without a local partner, Walmart will be unable to open more stores in India.
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India faces worst economic crisis in 20 years

With the focus on Syria, also keep an eye on an unfolding economic meltdown in one of the world's most important economies: India.
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Indian Rupee hits record low

A run on India's currency presages trouble in other emerging markets.
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India stuck between a Walmart and a hard place

India has a strict rules for big international retailers: 30 percent of the merchandise sold at big box stores has to be purchased in India.
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India's economic rivalry with China gets political

Indian officials have announced plans to place 50,000 troops on the northern border with China. The move could cost $11 billion over seven years.
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India taps out last telegram

On Sunday, India's last official telegram will be sent from state owned telecom company BSNL, cutting the cord of an old technology that was the fastest way to communicate before landlines, mobile phones and email.
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India rejects Novartis cancer drug patent

The Supreme Court in India has rejected an attempt by the Swiss drug maker Novartis to patent an update to a cancer treatment.
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