Features by Raghu Manavalan

Food inflation, or, why bacon is a good investment

A look into why food costs are rising across the world.
Posted In: Food, commodities, food inflation, inflation

Last-minute tips for tax procrastinators

April 15 is the last day to file your taxes. A few things to keep in mind if you haven't yet filed your taxes.
Posted In: Taxes, tax, tax day, advice

Marketplace's most viral stories: February 2014

A look through's popular online stories.
Posted In: viral, Facebook, Twitter, analytics

The history of Ukraine’s imports (in charts!)

From the dissolution of the USSR to the rise of the global economy: What's changed for Ukraine?
Posted In: ukraine, Russia, trade

Companies (still) want to know your SAT score

Are SAT scores still relevant years later? Would you be willing to give your score to a recruiter if asked?
Posted In: SAT, college, hiring

Choose the right number of credit cards

A listener asks if there is a problem with having 10 to 15 active credit cards.
Posted In: Credit Cards, Personal Finance

@LiveMoney: Love, money, and storm hoarding

A roundup of conversations we're having out in the social media landscape.
Posted In: social media, freelancer, love

@LiveMoney: Do women tweet their own horn at work?

Marketplace Money's Raghu Manavalan wraps up the week of personal finance in the digital realm.
Posted In: social media, Personal Finance

Marketplace's most-viral stories of January 2014

A look back at our most-shared stories from January 2014.
Posted In: viral, reddit, Stitcher

Ask Carmen: Lightning round listicle edition

Questions on wills, retirement, 401ks, capital gains all tackled.
Posted In: lightning round, Personal Finance, advice


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