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Poll: Would you get health insurance or pay the penalty?

In a recent survey, 38 percent of respondents said they would rather pay a $400 fine than pay $3,000 for health insurance.
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Breaking down your New Year's resolutions

We here at Marketplace Money have been asking our listeners what their financial New Year's resolution will be in 2014. What's yours?

Another Christmas, another year of rising prices

Twelve drummers drumming, six geese-a-laying and one partridge in a pear tree. What does it all add up to?
Posted In: Christmas, gifts, investments, inflation

Spending money saves money, sometimes

A look at the top 10 things you can save on by comparison shopping.
Posted In: Saving, Personal Finance, spending

Hiding money from your spouse, for the sake of the marriage

What do you think about hiding money in a relationship? Join the conversation.
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5 other things reopening now

The government shutdown is finally over, but it wasn't the only thing reopening today.
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3 lessons Fisker can learn from Tesla

Electric-car company Fisker heads to the auction block. What lessons can it learn before a potential relaunch?

Books for your summer reading list

Our friends in finance share some of their favorite books for your summer reading list.
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Need a book that can help your finances too?

Book picks for your summer reading list.
Posted In: summer reading, debt, credit, Books

Investing terms and questions explained

What's a bond? What's a stock? How do you choose a retirement plan? We're here to help.
Posted In: Investing, advice


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