Raghu Manavalan is a producer for Marketplace Weekend, where he makes content for radio and digital platforms.

Raghu started his public radio career at The Moth storytelling show and podcast, where he still works as the LA-based assistant producer. He later worked as a freelance reporter and producer for local stations such as KPCC and KCRW, before joining Marketplace in 2013 to work in a variety of roles. Highlights of his career include reporting from the bleachers at Dodger Stadium, producing live coverage from the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, and creating a McDonald’s sales data chart out of stale French fries. He has been awarded a Golden Mike award and AP Mark Twain award for his reporting.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Raghu did not have to move very far to work at Marketplace’s downtown LA office. His ideal Sunday includes basketball and brunch.


Features by Raghu Manavalan

Navigating the unwritten rules of the workplace

Ross McCammon shares office wisdom from his book, "Works Well with Others."
Posted In: workplace culture

Comedian Greg Proops takes the Marketplace Quiz

Greg Proops, author of "The Smartest Book in the World," takes our money-inspired personality quiz.
Posted In: marketplace quiz, greg proops, comedy

Neko Case takes the Marketplace Quiz

Musician Neko Case takes our money-inspired personality quiz and reflects on the lessons she learned in her 20-year career.
Posted In: marketplace quiz, Music, Neko Case

Miranda July takes the Marketplace Quiz

Artist, writer, and director Miranda July takes our money-inspired personality quiz.
Posted In: marketplace quiz, film, Books

LA band YACHT takes the Marketplace Quiz

Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt try our spin on Proust's Questionnaire.
Posted In: marketplace questionnaire, proust, quiz, Music

Pennsylvania's budget battle is hurting school funding

Some local schools are taking out loans to make ends meet.
Posted In: schools, funding, budgets

The UN's 17 goals for the next 15 years

The Sustainable Development summit's aim is to end poverty.
Posted In: United Nations, development

How to save $3,000, one five at a time

FiveThirtyEight's Jody Avirgan has a peculiar way of saving.
Posted In: Money, Saving, bills

For-profit schools see a rise in student loan default

A Brookings study uses U.S. Treasury data to see where the debt is coming from.
Posted In: for-profit colleges, student debt


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