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Pennsylvania's budget battle is hurting school funding

Some local schools are taking out loans to make ends meet.
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The UN's 17 goals for the next 15 years

The Sustainable Development summit's aim is to end poverty.
Posted In: United Nations, development

How to save $3,000, one five at a time

FiveThirtyEight's Jody Avirgan has a peculiar way of saving.
Posted In: Money, Saving, bills

For-profit schools see a rise in student loan default

A Brookings study uses U.S. Treasury data to see where the debt is coming from.
Posted In: for-profit colleges, student debt
A view of a 14-foot wave made of plastic bottles in San Francisco, California

One victim of falling oil prices? Recycling

It's now cheaper to make new plastic than to recycle the old.
Posted In: recycling, waste, oil prices
A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Oct. 15 in New York City. Stocks remain on a downward trajectory amid growing fears of Ebola and a global slowdown.

How fear plays a role in our finances

It was the first reaction many people had when the stock market dropped this week.
Posted In: psychology, Science, fear

China's growing, but not fast enough for some

Its run as global economic driver is starting to slow.
Posted In: world, China, Investing

Startup hopes to make art investment more inclusive

Arthena's platform lets buyers own a piece of a collection for relatively little.
Posted In: art, investment, museums

A requiem for fallen Columbia House

The music distributor was responsible for one writer cultivating her own tastes.
Posted In: Columbia House, Music, bankruptcy


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