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Reservations required . . . about the economy

You might have noticed it's been a whole lot easier getting a table at a chain restaurant this summer. Rachel Dornhelm reports the slump reveals more unappetizing news about the general economy.
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HealthSouth looking to rehabilitate

HealthSouth's high-profile trial earned the company a spot next to Enron and WorldCom in the corporate fraud hall of fame. But unlike those companies, it has a plan to turn things around. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Apple will restate earnings

Apple plans to restate some of its earnings for back-dating its stock options. Its stock sank today. How could the announcement impact the high-flying company? Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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FCC calls back Time Warner punt

With the NFL season just around the corner, Time Warner Cable and the NFL Network are wrapped up in an off-the-field skirmish that could upset diehard football fans. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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US Chamber on the stump

The nation's top business lobby today launches a $10 million ad campaign supporting re-election of pro-business members of Congress. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Health care for the uninsured

San Francisco yesterday became the first US municipality to offer health care for those without insurance. But as Rachel Dornhelm reports, businesses aren't happy about it.
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Sticky earnings period for Wrigley

Wrigley comes out with Q2 earnings today, but a $1.4 billion acquisition last year is likely to gum up the numbers. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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New test promises safe fish faster

There's been increasing concern about fish and mercury levels lately, and now there's a company that hopes to reel in profits with a new method of testing fish for mercury. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Space, the private frontier

With a rocket launch Wednesday, a private entrepreneur kicked off his project to build a privately owned and operated space station — and possibly the beginnings of a new space race. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Genentech earnings surge

The nation's largest biotech company in terms of market capitalization blew past Wall Street expectations in its most recent earnings report. Rachel Dornhelm has more.
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