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Gas prices driving school buses away

Some school districts can no longer afford to offer school bus service because of tight budgets and soaring gas prices. Rachel Dornhelm reports on what some families are doing to get their children to school.
Posted In: Education

When realtors don't make the sale

Realtor Martha Ann Wishnev normally sells about $7.5 million worth of real estate a year, but she hasn't cut many deals since home sales dropped 22 percent nationwide. Rachel Dornhelm reports in the first of a new housing series.
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Cities steer toward new meter

A new multi-space, credit card-friendly parking meter is garnering mixed reactions from the driving public. Rachel Dornhelm explores the technology's many facets that will allow cities to cash in big -- sometimes to parkers' dismay.

Economy struggles with loss of luxury

Reports from luxury retailers like Tiffany's are watched closely by analysts because they can signal how the overall economy is doing. Rachel Dornhelm reports current signs show the average consumer is cutting back.
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Watchlist flashes lenders yellow flags

The Treasury Department released complaints from Americans shut out of financial deals because their names are similar to ones on a terrorism watchlist. Rachel Dornhelm reports how lenders can resolve the problem.
Posted In: Crime

How may I heal you today?

Wal-Mart is planning to open 400 health clinics in its stores in the next two years. The clinics will partner with local health care providers and carry their namesake. Rachel Dornhelm reports the move is a profitable one.
Posted In: Health, Retail

Flight delays beyond airline control

Last year was the second-worst for flight delays, but some claim the problem may not be with the airlines. Rachel Dornhelm reports a shortage of air traffic controllers may have added to the problem.
Posted In: Jobs, Travel

'Tenancy in common' opening doors

Housing meltdown or not, home prices are still out of reach in many cities. Rachel Dornhelm reports how friends, and sometimes strangers, are teaming up to buy together.
Posted In: Housing

Toy safety data is a text away

If you're out shopping today and you want to know how safe that toy is before you buy it, you can peruse with more confidence if you've brought your cell phone. Rachel Dornhelm has more on toy safety texting.
Posted In: Health

Small loans appeal to bootstrap crowd

Peer-to-peer lending websites have made it increasingly possible for everyday people to lend to entrepreneurs around the world. Rachel Dornhelm reports the down-to-earth businesses tend to get the most cash.
Posted In: Charity, Investing


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