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The down payment assistance debate

A popular measure aimed at helping prospective homebuyers make their down payment is no longer an option. Marketplace's Rachel Dornhelm reports on the efforts to restore down payment assistance programs.

Curbing college credit use

The Treasury Department is trying to stop consumers from getting into credit card trouble right from the start with a series of ads targeting college-age spenders. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Home builders slash prices, help buyers

The economic turmoil has been a blow to homebuilders and they aren't waiting for Congress to make everything right. Rachel Dornhelm reports on some of the creative ways builders are trying to make sales.
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Trickling down to Main Street

The owners of small businesses have the same concern many of us do -- Is my money safe? But they have the added worry that all of the bad financial news will discourage shopping. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Downturn could benefit regional banks

Mid-tier, regional banks have an opportunity to scoop up some of the business from their failed brethren on Wall Street. Rachel Dornhelm checks in with financial experts on how the public might respond.
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Ergonomics rules worry businesses

Most large businesses set ergonomics standards for themselves, but small and large businesses worry about the cost if federal standards are adopted. Rachel Dornhelm reports on a forum being held today.
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New site rates products for safety, etc. gives consumers a fast and easy way to find product ratings in numerous categories from reliable sources like government and academic databases. Rachel Dornhelm tries it out.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Internet, Retail

Blogs are abuzz on Apple release today

Speculation is that Steve Jobs will announce several changes to iPods in a broadcast today. Some will also be looking for clues to the health of the reclusive CEO. Rachel Dornhelm has the story.
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EPA goes after lawn mower fumes

The Environmental Protection Agency says we've been choking on fumes from lawn mowers and other engine-powered machines. Rachel Dornhelm reports on new regulations aimed at clearing the air.

California bill fights sprawl and traffic

California's anti-sprawl bill encourages development near businesses and workplaces to cut down on driving and reduce emissions. Rachel Dornhelm explains how the policy will work.
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