Features by Rachel Dornhelm

A home run for hometowns

The Major League Baseball play-offs get underway today. Rachel Dornhelm looks what all that national exposure means for the host cities.

L'Shana Tova!

The Jewish New Year, Roshashana, begins today at sundown. Rachel Dornhelm looks at today's kosher foods: matzo and tacos.

Our neighbors get together

Today, Canada's prime minister Paul Martin meets with Mexico's leader Vicente Fox. On their agenda: a Canadian guestworker program for Mexicans. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

A diamond, a fast car, and a Dell

At the Ritz Carlton hotel in New York today a new luxury line was rolled out. By Dell — a computer company with a reputation for bargains. Rachel Dornhelm looked into why Dell is so intent on movin' on up.

Kodak in the digital revolution

As Eastman Kodak convenes a meeting of institutional investors today, questions continue to swirl over whether the leader in print photography has what it takes to compete in the digital age. Rachel Dornhelm reports.


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