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Doesn't matter who wins the World Series, networks and advertisers score

The World Series starts and big sporting events like this still bring what advertisers want -- live viewers.
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California cheese creates a problem for California dairies

California's pricing system for milk gives cheese makers the lowest price for milk -- a holdover from the Depression era, when making cheese was a way to use up surplus milk. But now cheese makers are dairies' biggest customers, and still get the low price.
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Why Russia is so loyal to Syria

Military ties are one big reason why Russia remains steadfast in its loyalty to Syria.
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U.S. eateries kick up marketing during World Cup

Pubs and eateries in the U.S. are doing what they can to pull in soccer fans while the World Cup is going on.
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Warehouse clubs scream 'bargain!'

Reporter Rachel Dornhelm investigates how warehouse stores lure you in and get you to stock up big.

Pulling shoppers off discount addiction

Holiday sales have allowed consumers to gorge themselves on sales. But after the chaos dies down, how do retailers get their customers back to paying full price? Rachel Dornhelm finds out what some are doing to pull off a "discount detox."
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Small retailers push for local support

It might be Black Friday where you are, but in some cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, it's Plaid Friday. It's all part of efforts to get shoppers to buy from independently-owned, small retailers. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Food makers hungry to change for WIC

The WIC program, which offers nutrition education and food vouchers to low-income families, will soon get a healthy overhaul. But to cash in, food manufacturers have had to make some adjustments. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Auto plant closing could hurt Fremont

The town of Fremont is home to the only auto manufacturing plant in the entire state of California, and it may soon be closing its doors. Rachel Dornhelm talks to town residents about what the facility means to them.
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Hit twice by layoffs, family gets moving

When Yvonne and Ronnie Hart both lost their jobs in California, they headed for Houston, where family and friends are helping them make a new start. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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