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Barging in on Google

Rumors abound about what Google is housing in a floating barge in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Posted In: Google barge, Google Glass, Google X

The part of Silicon Valley that can't happen online

Techies may be trying to move our entire lives online, but when it comes to doing business, they're strictly old school.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, VCs

Apple unveils new iPads, but no smart watch yet

If you were waiting for Tim Cook to debut a revolutionary smart watch or television, yesterday wasn't your day.
Posted In: apple, iPad

Hakuna Matata: That means $1 billion

"The Lion King" will become the first Broadway musical in history to gross more than $1 billion.
Posted In: broadway, musicals, disney

Hacked small-businesses often have no place to turn

Unlike personal checking and savings accounts, business accounts are not protected from hackers.
Posted In: Small Business, hacking, banking, privacy

When it's not granny in that Winnebago

“The unofficial economic indicator,” reports earnings tomorrow. Winnebago is selling RVs to older folks (duh) but also to thirtysomethings.
Posted In: baby boomers, generation x, RVs, motor homes

Samsung bid hoax drives Swedish biometrics company shares

A criminal probe is being launched after a fake press release saying Samsung would buy a Swedish company that makes fingerprint scanners.
Posted In: Biometrics, hoax, samsung

Giving residents a crack at city budgets

San Francisco is experimenting with what's known as participatory budgeting to give more people a say in how their tax dollars are spent.
Posted In: San Francisco, budget

Can chatter on Twitter boost TV ratings?

Nielsen starts measuring conversations about TV shows on the social networking site.
Posted In: Twitter, nielsen, Facebook, engagement

The billion dollar question behind Twitter's IPO

As Twitter becomes a public company, investors want to know if it has growth potential.
Posted In: Twitter, IPO


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