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#AskJPM? 'Bad idea.'

A JPMorgan Twitter Q&A quickly turned into a public relations disaster
Posted In: JPMorgan Chase, Twitter

New guidelines could have more people on statins

New guidelines say not to focus too much on your cholesterol levels.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, Health

The postman always rings twice on Sundays (if you ordered from Amazon)

Amazon has just announced a new deal with USPS for Sunday delivery.
Posted In: Amazon, usps

Selling to a captive audience, at 30,000 feet

The airlines have been a little slow to get into the Big Data game. But it looks like they’re moving in that direction.
Posted In: big data, Airlines

Advertisters scared as internet giants look to cut cookies out of their diets

The online trackers used by advertising companies may be a thing of the past.
Posted In: cookies, online advertising

Twitter for dummies

Twitter may be a household name -- but it's not used by everyone in every household.
Posted In: Twitter, social networking

Barging in on Google

Rumors abound about what Google is housing in a floating barge in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Posted In: Google barge, Google Glass, Google X

The part of Silicon Valley that can't happen online

Techies may be trying to move our entire lives online, but when it comes to doing business, they're strictly old school.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, VCs

Apple unveils new iPads, but no smart watch yet

If you were waiting for Tim Cook to debut a revolutionary smart watch or television, yesterday wasn't your day.
Posted In: apple, iPad

Hakuna Matata: That means $1 billion

"The Lion King" will become the first Broadway musical in history to gross more than $1 billion.
Posted In: broadway, musicals, disney


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