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The U.S. Open is rolling, for mini golf

Prizes are small, but there’s enough action to sustain a pro circuit.
Posted In: business of sports, Golf, prizes, competition

Heard of the Internet of Things? So have hackers.

Hackers say manufacturers aren’t taking basic steps to secure smart devices.
Posted In: internet of things, cybersecurity, hackers

Healthkit is a symptom of tech's rush into health care

Apple is talking to hospitals about a cloud-based "health kit".
Posted In: apple, healthcare, hospitals

Why BuzzFeed might be worth $850 million

A venture capital company has valued Buzzfeed just shy of a billion dollars.
Posted In: buzzfeed, lists, media

Android now tops Apple in web traffic, too

Web traffic to Android is higher than iOS for the first time in history.
Posted In: web, android, ios, apple

States raise transportation taxes after federal cuts

We look at how states are looking at upping taxes to fill the holes in our roads.
Posted In: Transportation, roads, infrastructure

The education benefits in the VA Reform Bill

The bill will lift residency requirements for vets who attend public colleges.
Posted In: VA GI Bill, veterans affairs, Barack Obama

General Mills says, you can like us and sue us

If you download a coupon for Yoplait or for any of General Mills food products, you can still sue the company.
Posted In: General Mills

Is the FCC neutering Net Neutrality?

The Federal Communication Commission is expected to introduce new rules today that will allow broadband providers to charge companies for faster internet service.
Posted In: net neutrality


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