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Patent wars boost patent lawyers

With tech companies in expensive battles over patents and copyrights, intellectual property lawyers are in the money.
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Getting the most out of your ketchup bottle

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a coating that keeps condiments from sticking to the bottle.
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Google Chrome gets browser title for a week

Google's Chrome topped Microsoft's Internet Explorer for seven days straight for the first time. The numbers mean less than Google's growing share of the market.
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Collateral damage mounts after Facebook IPO

Lots of companies were counting on the social network to boost their fortunes when it went public. Just the opposite happened.
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Silicon Valley's new underground millionaires

Conspicuous consumption is so last tech boom. The new rich are all about meaning and making a difference and getting in on the ground floor of the next Facebook.
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Hey brogrammer, let's crush some code

For women in computer science, Silicon Valley's startup world is still a very male place. And one character stands out: The brogrammer.

Being No. 2 could be Samsung's advantage

Samsung reports profits today, and while many people don’t know it, Samsung is Apple’s No. 1 competitor when it comes to the cell phone and tablet space. But the company approaches the business in a very different way than Apple.
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Splunk makes a splash

The data-analysis company has the strongest initial public stock offering of the year. It's all about Big Data.
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The tech bubble question

Are we in another one? Who knows. The real question may be why more investors aren't asking questions.
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Another day, another patent war

Oracle and Google face off in court today in a lawsuit over the use of Java. It’s another chapter in the Silicon Valley serial: Patent Wars.
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