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Virus shines light on 'click fraud'

An estimated 45,000 people in the U.S. may have trouble getting online Monday because of a computer virus. Hackers replaced real ads with fake ones, a crime known as "click fraud."
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The angels of Silicon Valley

Angel investors fund the very early stages of startups, looking to get in early on the next big thing. A lot of angel money ends up going down the drain, but that's just the price of innovation.
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Competition heads for the cloud

After a vicious storm knocks out some cloud computing services, competitors look to profit.
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Becoming an app star

Mobile app developers descend on Google I/O.
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Microsoft's big reveal

The company lifts the lid on something new today. But can anything make the tech giant relevant again?
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Online tracking hot on our trail

A new study says tracking on the busiest websites has jumped dramatically compared to last year.
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AOL faces dissident shareholder

Starboard Venture has a 5 percent stake in the company. Now it wants three seats on the board of directors.
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New wave of Internet domain names gets unveiled

The organization that assigns Internet addresses releases its list of newly approved web suffixes today, from .doctor to .bank. Many predict the proliferation of these suffixes will touch off a virtual land grab.
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Are you an iPhone or an Android?

In the battle of the mobile superpowers, it's Apple v. Google and iPhone v. Android -- and consumers have to choose. Which culture do you fit in best?
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Giant video gaming conference E3 gets going in L.A.

And it's all about the game consoles. How will Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony stave off mobile and social games?
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