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Positive signs emerge in the housing market

Slow but steady might be the best way to describe the housing market right now. Groundbreaking on new home construction rose 2.3 percent last month, while homebuilder confidence jumped to a six-year high
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Mitt Romney criticized over comments about taxes

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says 47 percent of Americans pay no net income tax -- ergo, they are predisposed to vote for President Obama. We break down the numbers.
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The iPhone 5 joins Apple's ecosystem

After the usual hype and secrecy, Apple unveils a phone -- and another way to lure consumers into its eco-sphere.
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Apple-Samsung confusion paying off for Samsung

After a patent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung made headlines, some people became more aware of Samsung's devices. It's paid off for Samsung, so far.
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Decoding the money message of Psy's 'Gangnam Style'

A silly video masks a satire on conspicuous consumption and income inequality in Korea.
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Apple-Samsung ruling resonates hard in South Korea

The court ruling that Samsung infringed on Apple patents has complicated fallout in South Korea, where Samsung's success has been very much a part of the national identity.
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Apple vs Samsung verdict is a big win for Microsoft

Microsoft has been trying to compete in the smartphone market for years. With the recent Apple vs. Samsung patent verdict, Microsoft may be able to point out the hidden costs of Android.
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Meat processors consider long-term outlook

Hormel announces its earnings today. The company is the third-largest seller of meat, and with the drought and commodity prices rising, investors are looking for signs of the food industry's long-term outlook.
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Apple versus Samsung headed to a jury

Closing arguments are wrapping up in one of Silicon Valley's most closely watched trials.
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Facebook faces next stock hurdle

Today, over 1.6 billion shares could hit the market in several waves. A huge shareholder sell-off could open the door to talent poaching by competitors.
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