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TV's new after school special: YouTube

More than 120 million Americans watch videos on YouTube every month, and yet the streaming video site is struggling to monetize that audience. YouTube videos are short -- and, often, one-hit wonders.
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How airlines weather the cost of catastrophe

Passengers can buy flight insurance to cover canceled trips. But when planes can't fly, airlines have no such protection.
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'Eminem case' settles digital dispute

The end of a long-running battle between the rapper's producers and Universal Music could mean a payoff for lots of artists.
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Carbon nanotubes could mean smaller microchips

IBM scientists are working on an alternative to silicon that mean lighter, faster, cheaper chips.
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Will business give Microsoft the business?

The software giant is betting big on Windows 8, but many businesses could hold back.
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Apple unveils the iPad mini

Faster, lighter and with a bigger screen that the competition, but can it compete?
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The trouble with mobile

More people than ever can go online from their phones and tablets, but advertising hasn't caught up.
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Choosing a bra: Personal fitter vs. online algorithm

Women spend a lot of money on bras, but is it better to find the best bra through a personal shopper or a website's algorithm?
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Yelp starts branding companies for buying fake reviews

The popular review site will now post online alerts outing businesses suspected of soliciting paid recommendations.
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BlackBerry hangs on by a keyboard

Google's Android and Apple's iPhone are vying for number one and two in the smart phone market. BlackBerry comes in third with 11% of the market and 90 million users around the world, but just who are these users?
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