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Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie abandons logos to keep up with the trends

The company is making changes to appease current trends and make money.
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So if millennials aren't using cash, who is?

People living in rural areas, for one. Seniors, too.
Posted In: cash, Millenials, apps

Want to learn cybersecurity? Head to Def Con.

You won't learn how to break into systems at most universities - the skills many companies want.
Posted In: hacking, cybersecurity, computer science

SoundCloud to start including ads in content streams

Do they risk undermining their core, indie-leaning fan base?
Posted In: soundcloud, ads, music streaming
Community Health Systems

Health records are an easy target for identity thieves

The word is Chinese hackers stole some 4.5 million patient records.
Posted In: data breach, hackers, digital medical records, cybersecurity

Equipping cops with cameras is only half the problem

All that data is difficult and expensive to manage.
Posted In: police, cameras, data storage

The U.S. Open is rolling, for mini golf

Prizes are small, but there’s enough action to sustain a pro circuit.
Posted In: business of sports, Golf, prizes, competition

Heard of the Internet of Things? So have hackers.

Hackers say manufacturers aren’t taking basic steps to secure smart devices.
Posted In: internet of things, cybersecurity, hackers

Healthkit is a symptom of tech's rush into health care

Apple is talking to hospitals about a cloud-based "health kit".
Posted In: apple, healthcare, hospitals

Why BuzzFeed might be worth $850 million

A venture capital company has valued Buzzfeed just shy of a billion dollars.
Posted In: buzzfeed, lists, media


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