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Skype makes an international call, phone companies get paid

The free internet phone service has grabbed a huge chunk of the market for international calls.
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Intel puts a new face on Internet TV

The giant computer chip maker says it will develop a set-top box for Internet TV, that includes facial recognition.
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Putting a black box in every new car

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing black-box rules that would kick in in September 2014.
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Samsung stakes a claim in Silicon Valley

The giant Korean manufacturing company will create a huge research center and venture capital fund in Silicon Valley.
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Netflix's 'House of Cards' seeks to redefine television

With its first original series starring Kevin Spacey, the online streaming service is trying to shake up the traditional television model.
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Blackberry is dead; long live the Blackberry

The long-awaited Blackberry 10 operating system is about to be unveiled and Research in Motion's fate is riding on its success.
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Market for desktops on decline

Smartphones and tablets are changing the equation for desktop computers. And an entire industry is feeling the pain.
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Microsoft may invest in Dell buyout

Microsoft is reportedly considering investing billions of dollar in Dell, as part of a deal to take the company private.
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Atari declares bankruptcy

The legendary video game company could be facing the end after years of sagging business.
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Diet plans go high tech

High-tech home health care devices is a huge market right now. What are the latest gadgets and devices you should be aware of?
Posted In: Tech, wifi, devices, health care


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