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Tesla Motors wants to bypass car dealers

In its petition to the White House, Tesla said, “state legislators are trying to unfairly protect automobile dealers in their states from competition."
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Good hack, bad hack: A cybersecurity camp teaches the ethics of hacking

Engineers like to take things apart to learn how they work. When applied to computer networks, the urge can increasingly get young techies in trouble.
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Hacking away at summer camp

The online security firm ESET runs a camp for young hackers that encourages them to use their skills for good, not evil.
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Microsoft developers say 'start me up, again'

Microsoft holds its big developer conference and we get the 'start' button back.
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Forget Congress: How Obama can fight climate change solo

After years of butting heads with congressional Republicans, President Obama will announce climate change policies through administrative action.
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Silicon Valley feels the surveillance heat

Revelations that some tech companies have been turning over our data to the government -- however reluctantly -- has put Silicon Valley under a microscope.
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Washington Post puts up paywall

The Washington Post is erecting a paywall. It’s one in a long list of newspapers that are trying this business model. So, how's it working out for them?
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Waze: A volunteered, social sort of surveillance?

Google scoops up the crowd-sourced social mapping app, where users volunteer their location and traffic details. How does volunteer surveillance data compare to the PRISM/NSA variety?
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Tech media freaks out over Google Glass at a shareholder's meeting

The headlines make it seem revolutionary, but it's not.
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Text vs. phone data: Which is more valuable to the government?

Government tracking of Verizon telephone records raises the question of just how valuable phone information really is. Would it be more useful to track text message records?
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