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LinkedIn gives college ratings a big data twist

LinkedIn makes a foray into university rankings by looking at "desirable" jobs.
Posted In: linkedin, big data, higher ed

The battle over which company has your number

When phone users were allowed to keep their numbers, a new system was created to track them.
Posted In: telecommunications, telephone, neustar
iPhone 6

How techies are reenvisioning restaurants

Hungry? There's an algorithm for that ...
Posted In: Food, food trends, app

A social network with no ads?

Social media upstart Ello is positioning itself as the anti-Facebook.
Posted In: social media, facebook social media privacy advertising, start-up

FAA approves drones in Hollywood

As of Thursday, several production companies can use camera-equipped drones.
Posted In: drones, hollywood, FAA

New OS from both Apple and Google will encrypt

The security provisions make users happy and law enforcement authorities worried.
Posted In: iPhone, user privacy, Google

Want to sell a house? Head West. Want to buy? Go East.

Zillow's findings show an east-west divide for real estate.
Posted In: home buying, real estate

Pliny the Elder: A case study in scarcity marketing

Pliny the Elder inspires beer hunters around the world to search for just one bottle.
Posted In: beer, marketing, advertising, scarcity

"Longmire" lost out because of its older viewers

Advertisers aren't targeting the show's demo, but that could be short-sighted.
Posted In: advertising, television, senior citizens

Wal-Mart draws criticism for its new dress code

The retailer's employees complain about the cost of new clothes.
Posted In: Walmart, dress code, employees, minimum wage


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