Paddy Hirsch is a Contributing Editor at Marketplace. He is the creator and host of Marketplace Whiteboard, a video explainer of financial and economic terms, and he is the author of the book Man vs Markets, Economics Explained, Pure and Simple.

Hirsch joined Marketplace in 2007, just as the credit crunch that preceded the 2008 financial crisis began to take hold.  As editor of the New York Bureau and the entrepreneurship desk, he spearheaded Marketplace’s financial markets coverage throughout the crisis and as the economy fell into recession. He was awarded a Knight Fellowship at Stanford University in 2010, and he returned to Marketplace in July of 2011, when he was appointed Senior Producer of Marketplace Money. He published his first book, Man vs Markets, in August 2012.

Hirsch got his start in journalism with an internship at the BBC in Glasgow, Scotland. He became a field producer for CNBC in Hong Kong and later was a consultant to the Open Broadcast Network in Bosnia. He has been an editor for Direct Capital Markets, Institutional Investor Newsletters, Standard & Poor’s, and the Vietnam Economic Times. Prior to becoming a journalist, he served as an officer in the Royal Marines.

Hirsch attended Campbell College in Belfast and received a bachelor’s degree in French and International Studies from the University of Warwick. He is a Knight Fellow and was a Webby honoree in 2009.



Features by Paddy Hirsch

China T-bond sales fears. Real or imagined?

With Vice President Joe Biden in China, plenty of commentators are once again talking about China selling US Treasuries....
Posted In: The Breakdown: Markets

More children live in poverty: study

Research by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that child poverty increased in 38 states from 2000 to 2009....

Shrugging off Europe's problems?

Investors were all hot and bothered about Europe yesterday. Today, maybe not so much. Markets here are up as investors focus on good earnings news....
Posted In: The Breakdown: Markets

WHITEBOARD: The name's Bond. Eurobond.

James Bond is a weapon of last resort, the man you send in when diplomacy and threats have failed. Eurobond is a similar sort of chap......
Posted In: eurobond, explainer, whiteboard

Following the money

News today that Manchester United has chosen to list in Singapore. The English Premier League football champions hope to raise around $1 billion....

Eurobonds, and why (many) Germans hate them

Rising debt in several Euro-member countries is forcing Europeans to consider ... issuing more debt! This time, in the form of a Eurobond. So, w...
Posted In: Eurozone

He's a trading machine. Literally.

Last week's volatility came with an unsual twist: lots and lots of volume....
Posted In: The Breakdown: Markets

Buffett should keep his checkbook closed

Warren Buffett's declaration in a New York Times editorial that millionaries should pay more tax has attracted plenty of attention. And plenty of...
Posted In: Warren Buffett

Getting a loan gets easier -- or does it?

Banks are making it easier to borrow, but loans are still hard to get. That's the conclusion of a report on bank lending released today by the Fe...
Posted In: Banks, Federal Reserve

SoCal home sales and prices fall again in July

Home sales in Southern California fell to their lowest level for a July in four years, the LA Times reports. The decline from a year earlier was ...


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