Paddy Hirsch is a Senior Editor at Marketplace. He is the author of the book Man vs Markets, Economics Explained, Pure and Simple, and he is the creator and host of Marketplace Whiteboard, a video explainer of financial and economic terms.

Hirsch joined Marketplace in 2007, just as the credit crunch that preceded the 2008 financial crisis began to take hold.  As editor of the New York Bureau and the entrepreneurship desk, he spearheaded Marketplace’s financial markets coverage throughout the crisis and as the economy fell into recession. He was awarded a Knight Fellowship at Stanford University in 2010, and he returned to Marketplace in July of 2011, when he was appointed Senior Producer of Marketplace Money. He published his first book, Man vs Markets, in August 2012.

Hirsch got his start in journalism with an internship at the BBC in Glasgow, Scotland. He became a field producer for CNBC in Hong Kong and later was a consultant to the Open Broadcast Network in Bosnia. He has been an editor for Direct Capital Markets, Institutional Investor Newsletters, Standard & Poor’s, and the Vietnam Economic Times. Prior to becoming a journalist, he served as an officer in the Royal Marines.

Hirsch attended Campbell College in Belfast and received a bachelor’s degree in French and International Studies from the University of Warwick. He is a Knight Fellow and was a Webby honoree in 2009.


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Quit while you're ahead

Stephen Hoffman - Winning! After all the scorn I poured on the idea of playing the lottery a few weeks ago, I was given a rude shock today. Mark...

Why Banks Don't Listen to their Risk Managers

Woodbine Associates sent me an opinion piece this morning. It's a bit long, but it makes for interesting reading....
Posted In: The Breakdown: Markets

Glug glug glug - cash drains out of stocks

Money continues to flow out of the stock market. A report by Bloomberg News today cites research by the Investment Company Institute and EPFR...
Posted In: stock market, The Breakdown: Markets

Clawbacks: IRS collects $2.7 billion in unpaid taxes

The IRS says it has dredged up $2.7 billion from people who squirreled cash away in foreign bank accounts and failed to pay tax on it. The news t...
Posted In: IRS

30-year mortgage rate falls again. Good news or bad?

Freddie Mac announced today that the 30-year mortgage rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1951. It's at 4.09 percent now, which should be...
Posted In: mortgage rates

Sue me

Remember the dot com crash? Back then one of the best sources of news on the collapsing economy was a chap called Philip Kaplan, alias Pud. He...

Why we love our fans so much

Benjamin Davis from Greenville SC sent us a very sweet note today....
Posted In: not news

iBuy: iPhone users anticipate upgrade

iPhone users say they will upgrade to the new iPhone 5....even though Apple hasn't even announced that there will be an iPhone 5. (of course they...

Running low: Truckers buy less diesel

Truckers are buying less diesel fuel. A study by Ceridian and UCLA found that diesel fuel purchases fell in July and August, meaning there's less...
Posted In: gas

Cereal killer: Corn crop could be worst since 2005

The USDA had some bad news for people who like to eat corn-based products today. The hot, dry summer is to blame for what's likely to be a poor c...
Posted In: corn


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