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Indonesia aims for universal healthcare

Beginning in January 2014, the Indonesian government will roll out a national health care scheme to cover each and every one of its 240 million citizens.
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Cambodian Stock Exchange is popular, but has only one stock

Cambodia has opened its first stock exchange in decades, but as of now, it only has one stock.
Posted In: cambodia, asia, stock exchange

Low-fare airline carriers catch on in Southeast Asia

Southwest Airlines-style budget carriers are now growing in popularity in Southeast Asia. Some flights can cost as little as $20 to fly internationally.
Posted In: Indonesia, Southeast Asia, airports

Starbucks to open India location soon

While other American firms have set up camp in the country, Starbucks is planning to open its first store in India in September.
Posted In: India, starbucks

India will allow foreign supermarkets into country

The decision could mean big bucks for American companies like Wal-Mart, but some are nervous to what that could mean for local businesses.
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