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E-commerce, China style

Want a book, a movie, a coffeemaker? You can order it on, or any other of the myriad online shopping sites. But in China, it's not so easy. For one thing, almost no one uses credit cards. Nate DiMeo talks to a Chinese entrepreneur about the e-commerce site she runs ( to bring American consumer culture to China.

China's newly rich

A new class of wealthy entrepreneurs is thriving in China. It's also beginning to struggle with the decadence and consumption that have become a part of succeeding at business there. From the city of Chengdu on the Tibetan border, Nate DiMeo reports on China's newly rich.

Chongqing is the biggest city in the world (on a technicality)

The other night I was in a cab on the elevated highway that bisects Shanghai. It was the last night of the third and final trip I've made to the...
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Gateway to the East

It's no secret that American businesses are dying to break into China's market, and it's not surprising if you think about a billion consumers. But this is nothing new. US enterprise has been trying to bridge that continental divide for decades. Biographer Paul French talks about one of the first American businessmen in China.
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Jet-lag and deadlines

This is my third trip to China in four months, and if I've come to understand anything about this fascinating, enormous, staggering country, it's...
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