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Letter to a toy company

Millions are writing letters this month asking for toys. But one parent wants a toy company to add to their product line.
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Will soaps go dark like 'Guiding Light?'

"Guiding Light," TV's longest-running drama, comes to a close after 72 years. Nate DiMeo reports on what it means for other soap operas still on the air.
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Engineering solutions to climate change

If we can't stop global warming, can we adapt to it? Some ideas seem far out -- like generating a giant cloud or launching a huge umbrella to block the rays of the sun. Nate DiMeo reports the proposals are risky to try, but not trying may be risky as well.

Under dry sky, Aussies turn to the sea

With climate change reducing reliable rainfall in Australia, many cities are tapping the ocean as a water source. And they're trying to do it without making a bad problem worse. Nate Dimeo reports. First in a series.

Putting stock in the law -- and trading it

The law firm of Slater & Gordon started selling shares on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2007, making it the first publicly traded law office in the world. Nate DiMeo reports on what that might mean for lawyers and investors.
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Music's been key to the scale of radio's growth

Reporter Nate DiMeo takes us back to the early 1920s when radio first found a mass audience, and a few powerful corporate players used music to take control of a brand new American industry. Part of an American RadioWorks documentary.
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Backing team Mexico

Many Americans are almost defiantly indifferent to the World Cup, leaving companies to aim their soccer marketing at fans of non-US teams. No. 1 on the list: Mexico. Nate DiMeo has the story.
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Meet the Powerball winners

Eight workers in a Lincoln, Nebraska meat processing plant have won the biggest Powerball jackpot in US Lottery history. The workers say they're going to evenly split the $365 million prize. Nate DiMeo reports.

The bill

I've found myself completely fascinated by the receipts you get after you pay for dinner here....
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Expats in Shanghai

More and more Westerners have made China their home, and they're changing the way cities like Shanghai do business. Nate DiMeo gives us a tour of the expat community in Shanghai.


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