Nancy Marshall-Genzer is a senior reporter for Marketplace and works from the Washington D.C. bureau.

Marshall-Genzer began working for Marketplace in the spring of 2007, after filing freelance pieces for the program for years prior to that. Covering the daily news from the nation’s capital, Marshall-Genzer has reported many special features.

Marshall-Genzer has a long history in radio. Before joining the Marketplace portfolio, she worked at NPR, where her duties included producing, editing and reporting. Her previous experience also includes stints at WAMU 88.5 public radio in Washington, D.C., Monitor Radio and NBC radio and television, where she served as bureau chief for NBC TV in Tuzla, Bosnia.

In 1999, Marshall-Genzer won an American Medical Writers Association Award for her freelance contribution to the Marketplace series, “Wanted for Questioning: America’s Most Profitable Drug Companies.”

Marshall-Genzer holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University.

A native of Averill Park, N.Y., she currently lives in Silver Spring, Md., with her family, who recently welcomed twin sons. Describing herself as a nosy person, Marshall-Genzer appreciates that her job fulfills that desire to ask questions and learn something new every day.


Features by Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Income still weighs in on kids' future

A report out says the nation's wealthiest children still have a 23 percent chance of staying on top, even if they don't go to college. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports reasons include built-in advantages and learned behavior.
Posted In: Education

Toll roads could take to the air

The FAA wants airplanes to use satellites to help ease congestion, but some aren't happy with a plan to charge a toll in the sky to pay for it. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports delays could get much worse if nothing is done.
Posted In: Travel

These dentists prefer you not flush

A dental office in Athens, Georgia is using porta-potties as a way to conserve water during the drought. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports the patients aren't forced to use them, and many are responding well to the idea.
Posted In: Health

A warning for bond insurance

Amidst the line-up of financial leaders testifying in Congress today over the economy of the markets, New York Governor Elliot Spitzer will talk bond insurance. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports insurers' credit ratings may be in danger.
Posted In: Investing

Pork-barrel database is not digital

New rules allow citizens to track congressional spending easier with a database of this year's earmarks. But the data isn't easy to get to. If you want it, you have to go directly to Capitol Hill. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

More airport security proposed for E.U.

European officials are proposing new airport security measures that would require the E.U.'s foreign visitors to have their fingerprints scanned into a database. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports tourists might balk at the idea.
Posted In: Travel

Is spending your rebate a civic duty?

The Bush Administration will likely finalize its stimulus package this week, allowing rebate checks to be sent out by May. What will you do with the money? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on how those who save might be hurting the economy.
Posted In: Economy

Facts about the stimulus package

The president is preparing to sign a $168 billion stimulus package passed by Congress, but what effect will it have on you? Tess asks Marketplace's Nancy Marshall-Genzer.
Posted In: Economy

Misery loves your money

A study conducted by four universities found that people who are sad will spend more than people who are happy. Nancy Marshall Genzer explores how groups were tested using emotion-inducing films and insulated water bottles.
Posted In: Health, Retail

Retail sales down across the board

The latest retail figures made for a disappointing January for everyone from teen clothing vendors to Wal-Mart. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks at possible factors in the slump, including high gas prices and gift cards.
Posted In: Economy, Retail


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