Nancy Marshall-Genzer is a senior reporter for Marketplace, working from the Washington, D.C. Bureau. Nancy started with Marketplace in spring 2007, after filing freelance pieces for the program for years prior. Covering the daily news from the nation’s capital, Nancy has reported many special features.

Nancy has a long history in radio. Before joining the Marketplace portfolio, she worked at NPR, where her duties included producing, editing and reporting. Her previous experience also includes stints at WAMU 88.5 public radio in Washington, D.C., Monitor Radio and NBC radio and television, where she served as bureau chief for NBC TV in Tuzla, Bosnia.

In 1999, Nancy won an American Medical Writers Association Award for her freelance contribution to the Marketplace series “Wanted for Questioning: America’s Most Profitable Drug Companies.”

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University. A native of Averill Park, N.Y., she currently lives in Silver Spring, Md., with her family. Describing herself as a nosy person, Nancy appreciates that her job fulfills that desire to ask questions and learn something new every day.


Features by Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Exports helped raise GDP

U.S. companies are increasingly relying on China and other booming economies to grow, with some companies seeing increased earnings only because of their sales abroad. Nancy Marshall Genzer asks how long this will last.
Posted In: Economy

LPGA to non-English speakers: Shh!

The Ladies Professional Golf Association is telling its players, many of whom are Korean, they'll be suspended if they can't pass an oral English exam next year. Why? Sponsors speak a language everyone understands. It's called money.
Posted In: Sports

Many employers making up for gas

A new survey finds that many companies are trying to help employees deal with the cost of gasoline, from having four-day work weeks to offering telecommuting. Nancy Marshall Genzer explores whether this is productive.
Posted In: Jobs

Congress cuts off 'robo-calling'

Those calls you get with recorded messages? They're known as "robo-calls" and they're legal, even if you're on the Do-Not-Call list. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on how Congress is closing that loophole.

Love the clothes, but hate the price

Luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue are losing sales as shoppers cut back. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports that hipsters are still attached to their brands, but Ross and TJ Maxx offer significant discounts.
Posted In: Retail

Is Lehman's very survival in jeopardy?

JP Morgan Securities predicts investment bank Lehman Brothers will take a huge hit in the third quarter from bad mortgage investments. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on speculation Lehman might not survive.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Sometimes, you must fly abroad

Domestic air travel is expected to drop this Labor Day weekend from last year, but international travel is expected to rise slightly. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports this is partly due to logistics -- and business travel.
Posted In: Airlines, Travel

More commuters on board with Amtrak

High gas prices have caused a significant increase in train ridership. But with more passengers comes train car crowding and a need for more upkeep. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports where Amtrak might need to boost its service.
Posted In: Travel

Better wear those clothes into the fall

The retail numbers are out and it's not a promising kick-off for the back-to-school shopping season -- or our wardrobes. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports a lot of stimulus money went to food and gas, but not to our threads.
Posted In: Retail

Old tech could deliver $12 computer

First, the $100 laptop. Now, computers as inexpensive as $12. An MIT team hopes to create the low-cost machines by looking to technology from the early days of computing. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
Posted In: Science


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