Nancy Marshall-Genzer is a senior reporter for Marketplace and works from the Washington D.C. bureau.

Marshall-Genzer began working for Marketplace in the spring of 2007, after filing freelance pieces for the program for years prior to that. Covering the daily news from the nation’s capital, Marshall-Genzer has reported many special features.

Marshall-Genzer has a long history in radio. Before joining the Marketplace portfolio, she worked at NPR, where her duties included producing, editing and reporting. Her previous experience also includes stints at WAMU 88.5 public radio in Washington, D.C., Monitor Radio and NBC radio and television, where she served as bureau chief for NBC TV in Tuzla, Bosnia.

In 1999, Marshall-Genzer won an American Medical Writers Association Award for her freelance contribution to the Marketplace series, “Wanted for Questioning: America’s Most Profitable Drug Companies.”

Marshall-Genzer holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University.

A native of Averill Park, N.Y., she currently lives in Silver Spring, Md., with her family, who recently welcomed twin sons. Describing herself as a nosy person, Marshall-Genzer appreciates that her job fulfills that desire to ask questions and learn something new every day.


Features by Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Why a lot of military vets like farming

Many veterans come from rural regions. For those with PTSD, farming can help ground them.
Posted In: farming, veterans

What does HUD do?

We look at the limits of HUD, and the tools HUD has to help the housing recovery.
Posted In: HUD, Housing
Texas Map

Why population growth isn't always an economic boon

New census says seven of the 15 fastest growing communities in the U.S. are in Texas.
Posted In: texas, population growth
Apple retail store

What Apple and a convenience store have in common

How do stores end up atop a list of sales per square foot of U.S. retailers?
Posted In: Apple Store, commercial real estate

So, you wanna be a flipper?

There’s money to be made from flipping houses, and in selling things to flippers.
Posted In: real estate
foreclosed home

Fannie and Freddie are easing up. Carefully.

Mel Watt's new game plan for the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
Posted In: foreclosures, Mel Watt, housing crisis

'Converting your pension into a granite countertop'

In 2012, one out of five employees took loans out against their 401k plan.
Posted In: Retirement, 401k

What happens years after a foreclosure

Some states have been shortening the time banks have to claw back what’s still owed after a foreclosure.
Posted In: foreclosures
Board Of Governors Of Federal Reserve System

The shrinking board of Fed governors

The Fed will be operating with only three governors by the end of May. We explain.
Posted In: Fed, Fed governors
Donald Sterling

Sizing up Donald Sterling's other business interests

Donald Sterling's said to be worth almost $2 billion,most in real estate holdings.
Posted In: Donald Sterling, NBA, Clippers


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