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Grapes of Hope: Passing the Master Sommelier exam

This weekend, more than 70 people will arrive in Texas to take what some say is one of the hardest exams in any profession. The test has roughly an 8 percent pass rate.
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5 wine picks under $30

Want to pair your cheeseburger with a nice affordable wine? Well, take a look at these choices.
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Reporter's notebook: Behind 'Beyond payday loans'

We talk to the reporters who worked on the Marketplace and Propublica investigative story: "Beyond Payday Loans."
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Literary voices: Writers reflect on the word 'hope'

Four years ago, the word 'hope' became intertwined with Barack Obama's presidential campaign and his first days in office. This week, he had his second inauguration. Four writers explore the meaning of the word 'hope' in today's world.
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Nobel Prize in Economics: A history of winners

It's best known as the Nobel Prize for Economics, but the official name of the award handed out today for the 44th time is The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. A list of past winners.
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A marriage on and off stage

A couple shares how they manage being each other's spouse and business partner.
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ReMarket Podcast: Love for taxes, robots and Sony

A podcast highlighting some of our best stories from the past week: robots mate, consumers break up with Sony, and a commentator who loves paying taxes.
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Retirement heads to college

A college campus and a retirement center seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but college camaraderie goes a long way. Retirees are moving back in near their alma maters, in specialized communities that are taking over the retirement business. Nancy Farghalli reports.
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Saving Superstars: 10 Tips for Saving a Buck

Nicole Elovitz calls herself "the greatest saver that she knows." She and her husband, Mitch, have already saved thousands of dollars for their ...
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Economy leaving jury boxes empty

Courtrooms are finding it increasingly difficult to put bodies in their jury boxes. Jury duty can take a significant toll on the unemployed.
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