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The Netflix 'State of the Union'

Netflix announces earnings today, and expectations are high.
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New York City considers restrictions on electronic cigarettes

The city council in New York is considering the same restrictions for e-cigarettes that already exist for regular cigarettes.
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Xbox One doesn't look backwards

Critics are complaining the Xbox One isn't backwards compatible.
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Kinect is Xbox One's secret weapon

Microsoft's Kinect is big with non-gamers and could spur innovation.
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Justin Bieber: Portrait of a venture capitalist

Belieb it or not, J-Biebs is a dynamite venture capitalist with a solid record of investment.
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Our smart phone addiction

We buy (and throw away) our mobile phones at an alarming rate.
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White House orders 'tech surge' for dysfunctional

President Obama says the nation's top techies will work to fix the Obamacare website quickly, but do they have enough time?
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Google's privacy problems

With Google set to report its earnings, the company is taking some heat about privacy issues.
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'PRISM on steroids': Russia amps up surveillance ahead of Olympics

Attention all athletes and visitors to the Winter Olympics in Sochi: someone is listening to you.
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Twitter hopes to learn from Facebook's IPO mistakes

How will Twitter monetize its user base?
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