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Cultivating consumers in rural India

U.S. tech companies are setting up product research centers in India to create products to sell to an emerging market of rural, mostly uneducated Indians. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Putting India's kids out of work

Until today, it was legal in India to employ kids under age 14 in restaurants and as domestic servants. Human rights groups say the child workforce in India could number as high as 100 million. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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New child labor law in India

Starting today, India implements a law that forbids children under the age of 14 from working in homes or restaurants. Miranda Kennedy looks at whether the new law will have an impact on the practice of hiring kids.
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Lotto winner takes fortune home to Pakistan

In one small mountain town in northern Pakistan, last year's devastating earthquake became an initiation into political life for the town's new mayor. They call him the "American Dollar Man." Miranda Kennedy has the story.
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Taking English out of India's tech capital

The city of Bangalore is India's IT capital, but the state government there launched a linguistic crackdown this week that critics say could threaten that status. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Losing the war on drugs in Afghanistan

A militant insurgency and the drug trade are pretty much the only industries thriving in Afghanistan now. U.N. figures show opium production there more than doubled last year to the highest level ever recorded. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Xbox hits India

Microsoft's Xbox gaming console hit store shelves in India this weekend. The company's eager to capture the market before Sony or Nintendo, but it may take a while to turn a profit. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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Fight over India's buildings turns violent

India's government has been tearing down illegal buildings in its capital and this week enraged business owners fought back. Three people were killed when protests turned violent. Miranda Kennedy explains the situation.
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New meaning to marry for money in India

India's government has proposed to give $1,100 to people who marry members of lower castes. The plan aims to weaken the country's caste system, but critics say the payouts won't work. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Luxury getaways . . . plus surgery

As healthcare costs continue to soar, some people are flying to hospitals in countries like India that often employ American-trained doctors who can operate at a fraction of the cost. And that's just part of the package, Miranda Kennedy reports.
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