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Surviving the ex-pat tax

Congress passed a tax increase in May that's expected to rake in big bucks for the government — but it could backfire. U.S. businesses worry it'll hurt their ability to employee Americans oversees. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Online gambling finds a new home

While the U.S. attempts to squelch online gaming, the Philippines and other countries are welcoming it with open arms. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Can't get India to buy our wheat

The U.S. wants India to open up its markets to U.S. farm products. India has a wheat shortage but says ours doesn't meet its strict health standards. Where does that leave us? Miranda Kennedy reports.
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China, India agree on one thing

Chinese President Hu Jintao met with India's Prime Minister today. It was more symbolism than substance, but the leaders did agree that they want to double trade between their nations. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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China, India trying to play nice

Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in India today. The countries claim two of the world's fastest-growing economies and they're trying to forge a partnership — but not without some friction. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Hu Jintao arrives in India

It's India's first visit from a Chinese president in a decade. Both countries have developed into economic power-houses in that time, but they've traditionally seen each other more as rivals than friends. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Sharing nuclear technology with India

Last night the Senate overwhelmingly passed a controversial deal to share civilian nuclear technology with India. The bill still has to get through the House, but business leaders are hailing it as a major victory. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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Microcredit gaining steam in Philippines

The Nobel Peace Prize has brought microcredit into the global spotlight. The idea is that this form of lending is not only good for the poor — but also for business. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Growing India's air travel market

The head of the FAA is in India this week hoping to help make that country's airports safer. Miranda Kennedy tells us what's in it for the U.S.
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Toyota's plan for world domination

A leaked copy of Toyota's Global Master Plan says it plans to grab 14 percent of the world car market by 2010 in its bid to unseat GM. Miranda Kennedy tells us how.
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