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Desperation, frustration cloud Afghans' hopes

In the five years since the Taliban was driven out of power in Afghanistan, the quality of life has gotten worse for many in the country. Miranda Kennedy reports from Kabul.
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India, Russia still partners in arms and energy

Russian President Vladimir Putin was on hand to celebrate India's Republic Day. And to announce partnerships for developing fighter aircraft, exploring for oil and building nuclear reactors.
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Waste, corruption dry up New Delhi's water

Old pipes and lousy management have left more than a billion people in the world without water. In New Delhi, 25% of households don't have any water piped in. Miranda Kennedy reports on what it takes to get a drink.

Malaysia wants to fill 'er up with palm oil

With the world's attention slowly turning to alternative fuels such as biodiesel, Malaysia is hoping to cash in on its palm oil. But it may not be as eco-friendly as it sounds. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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For some, life is good — and hidden

Most Afghans say their lives haven't improved since U.S. troops were sent in six years ago. For those with wealth, however, it's a different story. Miranda Kennedy reports on how Kabul's new elite spend their time.
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Pakistanis quickly learn to love plastic

Pakistan's economy is surging and consumers are spending. Not so long ago, most transactions were in cash. But Miranda Kennedy reports that newly minted credit cards are now burning holes in some Pakistani pockets.
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India ready to deal for duty-free trade

A revamped trade law means auto parts and jewelry imported from developing countries may now be taxed. But India might be willing to reduce its own tariffs to keep duty-free benefits in the U.S. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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Far from a winter wonderland

Christmastime can be a tough season for American ex-pats in India. Miranda Kennedy found some who were looking for the holiday spirit in New Delhi.
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New Delhi watches Washington

The House and the Senate are expected to vote today on the India nuclear bill. Details of the final version were released last night, and the compromise seems promising from both sides. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Drugmakers press India

U.S. pharmaceutical companies want to set up shop in India, but not until it strengthens its patent laws. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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