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Mango ice-breaker for trade talks

The U.S. is trying to make nice in the global trade arena — or at least nicer. Washington is giving India greater access to the American consumer market by lifting the ban on its mangoes. In return, India's allowing Harley sales there.
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Selling American education in India

A U.S. envoy is in India this week, hoping to sell that country's substantial youth population on the merits of an American education — one they may soon be able to get without even leaving India.
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A healthy dose of micro-insurance

India's economy is booming, but only 10% of its citizens have health insurance. That's prevented millions from seeking care, but now India's poor are discovering the benefits of micro-insurance — and so are the companies providing it.
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Outsource capital running out of sources

India is an unparalleled provider of outsourced workers, but companies are beginning to discover a shallower talent pool. Miranda Kennedy has the story from New Delhi.
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Selling Afghanistan

An entrepreneur in Kabul says claims by the U.S. and Afghan governments that the country is ready for business investment are laughable — that crime and corruption there are still on par with the Wild West.
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India has its own 'Big Three'

Nissan, Renault and Mahindra & Mahindra have announced a joint project to build a new factory and get into the race in India's booming auto industry. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Buying biological insurance for baby

More parents are opting to have their newborns' umbilical cord blood collected and stored. It's expensive and at this point chances they'll ever use it are slim, but what if. . .
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Getting Wal-Mart into India

The U.S. wants India to change a law that bars foreign companies from selling directly to its consumers. Wal-Mart is halfway there, so the government is trying to help push the retail giant through the door.
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Mostly dead air for U.S. firms at India show

More than 50 American defense and aerospace companies are at the Aero India show this week, showing off their flashiest aircraft. But the trip was a long way to go for not much payoff. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Taking the fleet to Aero India

For the first time, the U.S. has flown in its big guns for India's air show. They want a slice of a market expected to generate as much as $30 billion in defense deals — not to mention India's booming commercial travel industry.
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