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India's forbidden rickshaws still run

The practice of pulling passengers by rickshaw is illegal in India, but that doesn't stop the pullers from working. Miranda Kennedy talks to a rickshaw worker who's still in the family business for $3 a day.
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Traffic and corruption in New Delhi

India's accident rate is one of the worst: over 80,000 traffic-related deaths a year. In New Delhi, it's so bad the High Court increased fines 50%, but the roots of the problem go much deeper. Miranda Kennedy reports.

When prime real estate is a slum

The Indian government wants to turn its financial capital of Mumbai into a world-class city. But what will it do with a notorious slum, the largest in Asia, and the people who live there? Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Investing newfound fortune at home

Here's a sure way to gain financial independence: Win the lottery! One lucky lotto player took his winnings to the bank and to his hometown of Battagram, Pakistan. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Reality's new spin on tourism

A tour company in India is opening a new world to visitors. It's offering guided tours through the Dharavi squatter settlement, the largest urban slum in Asia. Miranda Kennedy has the story.
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India's plastic plague

In the past decade India's consumption of plastics has grown 12% percent a year — almost double its average economic growth rate. With that trend comes a nonbiodegradable business opportunity. Miranda Kennedy reports.

India's newspapers are read all over

More than 300 big papers are read by almost 160 million people in India. And with people becoming more literate, the number and size of newspapers keeps growing. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Drought, debt claim India's farmers

Monsoons provide critical moisture for India's farms. But they've become less and less reliable. And that's driving some farmers to take desperate measures. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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GM introduces Spark to India

American automakers have struggled to make headway in India's large and fast-growing market, but GM is making a renewed push for sales with the Chevrolet Spark.
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'India Calling'

Operators in India's call centers are becoming a hot topic in India. They've even become fodder for popular entertainment among the country's fast-growing middle class. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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