Millicent Jefferson is the director and an associate producer for Marketplace. Jefferson is responsible for daily direction of the show in addition to producing news Qs, host features and regular segments. She also oversees show interns and manages the diverse pool of both sources and voices represented on air. Jefferson’s recent efforts include producing the “State of the Black Union” series, in addition to several Marketplace live shows from remote locations.

A self-described taskmaster with an eye for details, Jefferson joined Marketplace in 2008. Prior to joining Marketplace, Jefferson began her career at American Public Media as an intern, then became a producer for radio and web with Weekend America.  She’s worked at Bush Radio in Cape Town, South Africa, contributed to ABCs “Good Morning America,” Current TV and many other broadcast outlets.

Before starting her career in journalism, Jefferson taught fourth and fifth grade students at the Los Angeles Unified School District tackling standard, summer school and special education teaching curriculums.

Jefferson attended the University of California, Berkeley where she earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Later, she obtained her master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.


Features by Millie Jefferson

Poll: Does your debt feel as high as Mount Everest?

If your personal debt were represented topographically, how big would it be?
Posted In: fiscal cliff

Sound of Money: Back-to-school shopping

In a few weeks, students will be heading back to school. How much are they spending so that they're ready to hit the books?
Posted In: Sound of money, Education, back-to-school shopping

ReMarket Podcast: The bookends

Taking a closer listen to the open and final note of the show -- how Marketplace grabs your attention at the beginning, and leaves you thinking at the end.
Posted In: remarket podcast

Blackberry, feel my shame

So, after three days of messing up our lives, Blackberry came out with its big apology. You can check out the whole thing here, But here's the gist...
Posted In: Blackberry, outage, rim, Tech Report

The top grossing summer films of all time

The summer movie that started it all actually made people scared to do one very summery activity: go to the beach. The 1975 thriller "Jaws" set t...
Posted In: movies

Wassup! The Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads

As the economy improves, companies are returning to the days of producing high-priced, high profile Super Bowl ads. Jennifer Collins' story on...
Posted In: advertising, business of sports, Entertainment, football, Super Bowl

Analyzing the Fed's bank loan data

If you've ever tried to sort through transactions on your own bank statements, you will appreciate the work produced by The Wall Street Journal a...
Posted In: financial crisis, The Fed

The Most Marketable Player in Baseball

Advertisers love Derek Jeter. According to a survey by SportsBusinessDaily...
Posted In: baseball, business of sports, Sports

Golden State sold for record amount

The Golden State Warriors basketball team was sold today for $450 million, which makes it the highest price ever paid for an NBA team....
Posted In: basketball, business of sports, Sports

Michigan's Big House

The University of Michigan has football bragging rights even before the season begins. The school announced today that at the start of football...
Posted In: business of sports, college sports, Education, Sports


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