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G-7 finance ministers to meet in D.C.

Treasury Secretary Paulson will attend the G-7 meeting in Washington, although he says it's unlikely it will produce a global economic plan. Megan Williams has more.

Europe guarantees all bank deposits

The Luxembourg meeting of 27 of Europe's finance ministers wrapped up with guarantees for all European bank deposits up to $70,000. Megan Williams reports why the guarantees couldn't be much larger.
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Europe meeting on economic plan

European leaders are meeting ahead of Washington's G8 meeting to try to come to a unified economic stance. Megan Williams reports one big issue is whether or not to set up more coordinated banking oversight.

E.U. proposing new bank regulations

The E.U. is looking into a plan to put new order to a wide range of financial institutions throughout Europe. Megan Williams reports the regulations overhaul 10 years in the making could be passed tomorrow.

UK stocks up on short-sale ban

UK investors were buoyed not only by news of the U.S. Treasury's plan to set up a new institution for toxic debt, but also by their country's ban on short selling. Megan Williams looks into the turnaround.
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Barclays buys prime Lehman assets

The $1.7 billion deal also saves about 10,000 jobs. Those workers are relieved, but Lehman didn't get the price it wanted. Megan Williams talks to a financial analyst about how this affects the global market.
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Barclays looking at Lehman assets

British bank Barclays passed on buying Lehman Brothers, but now that Lehman has filed for bankruptcy protection, Barclays might jump back in and try to grab some of Lehman's assets. Megan Williams reports.
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European stocks tank on Lehman news

News about Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch sent European stocks sliding today. And as the European markets look at a future of negative growth, the "R" word comes up. Megan Williams has the story.
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Paying a price to stand up to the Mob

In southern Italy most small businesses pay protection money to the Mob. But a movement to fight back is gaining ground. For the first time, a restaurant owner has reported the extortion to the police and named names. Megan Williams has the story.

OPEC opts to cut production

The oil cartel meeting in Vienna ended with a surprise decision to lower output now that prices are falling. Not everyone sees the decision as a permanent one. Megan Williams has more.
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