Before joining Marketplace in 2003, Matthew worked as a reporter at public radio stations in Seattle, St. Louis, Minnesota and Maine. He also worked as a freelance reporter in Ireland. In 2002, he was awarded a Pew Fellowship in International Journalism to report on religion, politics and hunger in the African nation of Malawi.

His experience is not limited to journalism, however. At various times Matthew has been a convenience store cashier, a gas station attendant, a Halloween costume salesman and a proofreader. He also worked in a traveling circus. His favorite president is Grover Cleveland, he prefers cats to dogs, and he never forgets to put the parking brake on.

Matthew holds a degree in folklore from the University of Pennsylvania. He was born and raised in and around Philadelphia. (As an unfortunate consequence he is a devoted Phillies fan.) He is the youngest of seven children and is married to the best girl in the world. Her name is Allyson. They live in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz.


Features by Matthew Algeo

401K Woes

This weekend, President Bush is on the road selling his Social Security proposal. The president's plan - have people manage part of their retirement accounts privately. But a new study suggests we don't even understand the basics behind an existing retirement system - the work-sponsored 401 (k). What does this mean for Social Security? Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement

Negotiating with Doctors

Cars, salaries, and homes...most people have haggled their way to a cheaper car, a better salary, or a lower mortgage. Is it possible to negotiate with a doctor regarding health care costs? Reporter Matthew Algeo finds out.

1929 Stock Market Crash

Seventy-five years ago the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted nearly 12 percent. The stock market crash triggered a wave of bank failures and cost investors billions. To mark the anniversary, Sound Money's Matthew Algeo takes a look at investing back then -- and tells us what it means for investing today

VoIP's Buzz

It's hard to believe, but just a little more than 20 years ago, making a telephone call was a simple exercise. After all, there was only one phone company: AT&T. Now, we have VoIP, a way to make phone calls over the Internet. It's being hyped as the "next big thing" in telecommunications. But is it? Matthew Algeo gives us the lowdown.
Posted In: Savings

Understanding inflation

Let's talk about inflation. A lot of analysts say one of the reasons the Federal Reserve recently raised the short-term interest rates was to help keep inflation at bay. Inflation does have a bad reputation. But if those credit card bills keep piling up, you might want to reconsider your attitude toward it. Matthew Algeo reports.
Posted In: Economy

Snap, crackle...inflation?

Browse the aisles at your local supermarket, and you'll probably notice the cost breakfast is getting a little steep. The prices of cereal, milk, and coffee are all expected to rise. Wondering if inflation is on the menu? As Sound Money's Matthew Algeo reports, it's a breakfast combo with many different ingredients.

Banking on your 401(k)

About half of all American workers are enrolled in a 401(k) plan, or its non-profit counterpart, the 403(b). Under those plans, employers take some of their workers' wages and put them into a retirement account. It turns out there are some employers who just take the money …Sound Money's Matthew Algeo reports on the problem.
Posted In: Retirement, Savings

Appraising the Apprentice

It's the hottest topic of conversation in the business world: The reality TV show featuring Donald Trump -- and his hair -- is called "The Apprentice." Marketplace reporter Matthew Algeo examines the hit show and takes stock of its offerings: reality or fantasy?
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