Matt Berger was the former Digital Director at Marketplace and has worked as a journalist and digital producer for over a decade in the areas of business, technology and arts and lifestyle.

Berger started his journalism career as a daily newspaper reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the height of the tech boom in 2000, he got a job in downtown San Francisco covering high tech and venture capital for the Silicon Valley magazine Upside and its website. When Upside went downside in the 2001 dot-com bubble, Berger moved a few blocks down Market Street as a technology reporter and correspondent for a global news wire service operated by magazine and Internet publisher IDG.

Prior to joining Marketplace in 2010, Berger was the Executive Producer for Interactive at The Taunton Press, a publisher of lifestyle magazines, books, and digital products.


Features by Matt Berger

Playlist: Rocking out to Financial Reform

Posted by Caitlan Carroll For Marketplace, Friday, June 25 The U.S. House and the Senate announced today that they have negotiated a financial ...
Posted In: Air, Lucinda Williams, marketplace, Supreme beings of Leisure, The Bad Plus, Youngblood Brass Band

What's Your Dream Job?

Marketplace Money is in Chicago this week to tape a special episode on jobs and unemployment. Host Tess Vigland and audio engineer Josh Rogosin h...
Posted In: employment, Jobs

Where's the 'Ethics' in Goldman Sachs's Code of Ethics

The most frequently mentioned word in Goldman Sachs's code of ethics is not "ethics" or "morality" or "honesty" or "integrity." It is in fact: "f...
Posted In: Goldman Sachs

Tracking the Gulf oil spill: How much has leaked?

Like a giant--and extremely depressing--version of your gas station gas pump ticker, the website of PBS NewsHour has created a widget that tracks...
Posted In: bp oil spill

Iceland volcano eruption clouds air, economy

A massive ash cloud spreading across Europe from Iceland's erupting volcano is expected to cost the global economy billions before the air clears...
Posted In: Airlines, volcano


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