Matt Berger was the former Digital Director at Marketplace and has worked as a journalist and digital producer for over a decade in the areas of business, technology and arts and lifestyle.

Berger started his journalism career as a daily newspaper reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the height of the tech boom in 2000, he got a job in downtown San Francisco covering high tech and venture capital for the Silicon Valley magazine Upside and its website. When Upside went downside in the 2001 dot-com bubble, Berger moved a few blocks down Market Street as a technology reporter and correspondent for a global news wire service operated by magazine and Internet publisher IDG.

Prior to joining Marketplace in 2010, Berger was the Executive Producer for Interactive at The Taunton Press, a publisher of lifestyle magazines, books, and digital products.


Features by Matt Berger

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Title: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People Author: Amy Sedaris Publisher: Grand Central Publishing Type: Non Fiction Released: November 2, ...
Posted In: Amy Sedaris, Books

Pee in the shower!

In Brazil there's a movement afoot encouraging households to pee in the shower. They say it can reduce your water consumption by the equivalent o...

5 tips for cleaning up fall leaves

You want to rake the leaves on your lawn because otherwise they can suffocate your grass. And, if you get pummeled with snow over the winter, you...
Posted In: home

Replace old windows and doors

By replacing our old builder grade windows and doors with new efficient ones, our home became significantly more comfortable and quiet.
Posted In: home

Save your water when warming up the shower

Depending on your waterflow, you waste between five gallons and 10 gallons of water each time you wait for the shower to warm up. While waiting for...
Posted In: home

Be wise about portion size

We've all been to restaurants that heap food on our plates. But that doesn't mean you have to do the same at home....

Don't Stuff Your Fridge

Today's refrigerators have become so large that keeping them well stocked can mean that you're dooming much of your food to be wasted. Unfortunat...

Pick up after your pet

When pet waste gets left behind it washes into storm drains and into local waterways that effects water supplies. These leftovers can spread...

Collect rainwater and reuse it in the landscape

Access to fresh, clean water around the world is getting scarcer by the minute. The growing privatization of our finite supply of fresh water is a...
Posted In: home

Use solar energy to heat water

It may seem hard to believe, but you can effectively heat water with solar energy even where the weather is sunny only half the time, and winters...
Posted In: home


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