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Is South Korea full of video game addicts?

The South Korean Parliament is considering legislation that would put limits on video game advertising and also tax the industry's revenue to help fight addiction.
Posted In: South Korea, video games, addiction

London Tube rides go high tech

Starting soon, London Underground riders will be able to enjoy WiFi and other services.
Posted In: London, public transportation, wifi

Hydrogen powered cars to hit the road near you

Hydrogen fuel cells worked for Apollo astronauts. Now cars with the technology are bound for showrooms.
Posted In: hydrogen, fuel-cell, Honda, Toyota

October: Not a great month to be a hacker

This month has seen two high profile cases of young men being caught hacking.
Posted In: hackers, anonymous

Facebook (sort of) lifts ban on graphic videos

Nudity is still not okay, though.
Posted In: Facebook, censorship

Microsoft buys Nokia's devices for $7.2 billion

The tech giant is paying $ 2.2 billion to license Nokia patents.
Posted In: Microsoft, nokia, cell phones, windows, software

EU reaches deal to shield taxpayers from bank failures

After hours of high stakes negotiations, European finance ministers have struck a deal to help shield taxpayers from bank failures.
Posted In: banking, bank bailout, Europe debt crisis

SAP to recruit autistic employees

German business software company SAP has announced a push to hire autistic people. SAP says it's hoping other companies follow its lead.
Posted In: Germany, SAP, autism, Tech

Thieves stole $45 million in global ATM heist

Forget bank heist movies with ski masks and safe cracking. These thieves were high tech.
Posted In: ATM, Crime, cybercrime

Global PC sales plunge, what's Microsoft got to do with it?

Personal computer sales fell by 14 percent around the world during the first quarter of this year, according to a new report from the research firm IDC.
Posted In: PCs, mobile, windows 8, computer


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