Mark Garrison is a reporter and substitute host for Marketplace. Based in New York, Garrison joined Marketplace in 2012. He covers a variety of topics including economics, marketing, employment, banking, the military, media and culture. In 2014-2015, Garrison studied at Columbia Business School on a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship. During the 2012 campaign, he reported on money in politics as part of the Marketplace collaboration with PBS’s Frontline, which won the Investigative Reporters & Editors Award.

His previous public radio experience includes newscasting for NPR, The Takeaway and New York’s WNYC. He also reported from Germany for international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Garrison’s career spans television, radio, online and print media, including national and international travel to cover breaking news on elections, trials and natural disasters. Among his previous employers are NBC, ABC and CNN. At CNN, he was senior editorial producer for Anderson Cooper 360°, part of the team that won Peabody, Emmy and duPont Awards.

Apart from the news business, Mark is most experienced in the restaurant world, as a cook, bartender, manager and server. That sometimes proves useful in his journalism. Besides Marketplace, his reports and commentaries on food and drink have appeared on NPR, History Channel, Cooking Channel, Slate, CBC, WNYC and KPCC. He has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award.

Garrison has a master’s degree from Columbia University and two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Georgia. A member of a military family who lived in many places growing up, Garrison now resides in Brooklyn with his wife. They enjoy culture, food and travel throughout America and abroad.


Features by Mark Garrison

Unlimited vacation anyone?

What happens when a company offers its employees unlimited time off.
Posted In: vacation, Jobs, managers
The currency Greece will use from here on out is uncertain.

Greece: currency in unchartered waters

What steps would be needed to bring back the drachma or use a new legal tender?
Posted In: Greece, greekcrisis, Greek

Major airlines under investigation for collusion

The DOJ is looking into whether airlines have worked together to keep prices high.
Posted In: Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, southwest, United Airlines

President Obama extends overtime pay to more workers

The proposal could mean bigger paychecks for up to five million workers.
Posted In: overtime, Barack Obama, management

Why the class of 2015 has a big advantage

The jobless rate at graduation makes a difference for years to come.
Posted In: graduates, college, recession
A worker fixes the logo of German car maker BMW on a car at the company's plant in Regensburg, southern Germany.

PODCAST: Putting money in the luxury car

The U.S. economy, the Greek economy, and the Highway Trust Fund.
Passengers wait in line to check in at the Delta Airlines counter in Detroit. From baggage fees to changing tickets to food, flying comes with a lot of fees.

Those sky-high fees for flying

Airlines now charge their customers a raft of fees for all sorts of things.
Posted In: airline fees, Airlines, Transportation

The FCC takes action to deal with robocalls

Closing loopholes and allowing blocking could help stop annoying calls and texts.
Posted In: fcc, phone calls, text messages, telecommunications

PODCAST: The new face of the $10 bill

The Fed pays attention to your shopping habits; a new face on the $10 bill; and the controversy surrounding an observatory in Hawaii.


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