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Features by Margarita Noriega

Tweets from Rakesh Agrawal, but with Getty Images

If the Rakesh Agrawal Twitter soap opera had pictures.
Posted In: Rakesh Agrawal, Twitter

Lagarde: Global recovery hinges on IMF reforms

Christine Lagarde on Congress' IMF vote: "Not exercising that leadership is a mistake."
Posted In: IMF, ukraine, Crimea, Russia, sanctions, global economy, recession

Doctor's new order: no limes, no coconuts

Prices for limes and coconuts are up, thanks to bad weather and more demand.
Posted In: limes, coconut, Agriculture, trade, Haiyan

Spiking lime prices threaten salsa

More than 90 percent of limes we enjoy in the country are grown and sold in Mexico.
Posted In: salsa, limes, Mexico

Announce your Amazon Kindle e-book credits online

Twitter is filled with Kindle e-book credit tweets that don't add up to $166 million.
Posted In: ebook, Amazon, apple, publishing, Kindle

Sea World celebrates 50 years amid animal care concerns

Despite “Blackfish,” SeaWorld generated more than $1 billion last year
Posted In: sea world, animals, marine life, animal rights, documentary film

Twitter invites writers to think beyond 140 characters

Twitter’s Fiction Festival is less about fiction and more about publishing.
Posted In: Books, publishing

Checking in on President Obama's pay hike request

President Barack Obama has proposed raising the federal minimum hourly wage. He also asked companies to pay more.
Posted In: minimum wage

Singles get all the Valentine's love this year

From quizzes, to twitter trends and corporate promotions, the currently unattached are getting some attention.
Posted In: Valentine's Day
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