Marc Sanchez is the technical director and associate producer for Marketplace Tech Report where he is responsible for shaping the sound of the show. 

Sanchez started at Marketplace in April of 2011, but has worked for American Public Media since 2005. During that time, he was the director and associate producer of Weekend America, produced a season of American RadioWorks, worked in the Minnesota Public Radio newsroom and helped out with Speaking of Faith, now called On Being.

Sanchez believes that the everyday people around us often have the most interesting stories to tell.  In 2010, Sanchez started a project called Minnesota Sounds, which captures Minnesota, his home state, from an audio perspective.

Sanchez received his degree in creative writing from San Francisco State University. 

In 2008, he received a Minnesota Excellence in Medical Journalism award for “Donation Day,” a story inspired by his experience being a marrow donor.

Sanchez is originally from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., but currently calls Minneapolis home. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and daughter, playing music, record shopping and continuing his quest to find the world’s best tacos.

Features By Marc Sanchez



Buggy tech

Yep, they're putting backpacks on beetles. And not just because it's a cute thing to do.
Posted In: Bugs, Backpacks

Robot prison guard

The headline pretty much says it all.
Posted In: robots, prisons

Darknet dwellers look for more caves

Wanna buy someone a virtual hiding place?
Posted In: Tor, Arab Spring

Read my lips. With your goggles.

An advance in truth technology
Posted In: Science

More trials for AT&T

The FCC comes out against the mega-merger
Posted In: AT&T, T-Mobile, fcc, julius genachowksi

Place your bets - online poker in Nevada

Royal flush or royal pain in the neck?
Posted In: poker, Nevada, gambling

Logo/Date/? : Spotify copies a popular format

Something launching, we guess.
Posted In: spotify, Facebook, apple, dish network, Music

Surprise. Apple wins.

Patent battle goes Cupertino's way.
Posted In: patents, apple, htc, android

We can rebuild (with email)

Why Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers need not wear eyeglasses
Posted In: bionics, Science


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