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The sweet deal

No surprise the dollar fell today after the news of the shake-ups on Wall Street. But a good pie is still worth... well, at least a '72 Chevy pick...
Posted In: '72 Chevy pick-up, barter, Chevy, pie, trade

Botox might help migraines

Botox eases wrinkles, but can it also ease migraine headaches? Allergan says it can. The company that produces Botox reports that two large tests...
Posted In: Allergan, Botox, headaches, migraines

The new Beatles Monopoly game -- Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Now this is fab. USAopoly is hoping to capitalize on a new generation of Beatlemania (and the old one too) with a new Monopoly game -- The Beatles...
Posted In: Beatles, board game, game, George and Ringo, John, Monopoly, Paul

Heads up: Air New Zealand is looking for a few bald men

My mother always said she had eyes in the back of her head. Now, a New Zealand airline wants to put temporary tattoos on the back of the heads of...
Posted In: Air New Zealand, bald men, human billboards, tattoo

United stock plunges on really big oops

UAL stocks tanked -- and we mean tanked -- when a headline that flashed across trading screens erroneously reported that the carrier was filing for...
Posted In: stocks, UAL, United Airliines

Bad buzz on Seinfeld and Gates ad

Microsoft's new commercial with Jerry Seinfeld isn't exactly drawing rave reviews. Here are a few of the headlines:...
Posted In: advertising, commercial, computers, Microsoft, operating systems, Seinfeld, Vista

Will it be easy being green -- and red?

Here's a Muppet News Flash: NBC has announced that a new movie starring Kermit and the gang will be released during the holidays. The cast of "Le...
Posted In: Christmas, holidays, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Muppets, Whoopi Goldberg

More hot wheels

Call it reverse sticker shock. A report by JP Morgan auto analysts says the average price of a new vehicle fell more than 2 percent in the second...
Posted In: auto prices, auto sales, JPMorgan

Hot wheels

Could gas prices be driving up fraudulent car theft claims?...
Posted In: fraud car thefts insurance


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