In more then twenty years in journalism, Lisa Napoli has managed to work for almost every major media company (and for several shows and ventures that have unceremoniously shut down).

Lisa began her career at CNN in the early eighties, covered the first Clinton campaign and the Waco standoff for Fox News long before it became a 24-7 news channel, and was one of the first reporters to cover the Web for the mainstream media when she joined the New York Times CyberTimes in 1996, where she wrote the popular Hyperwocky column. For a time, she wrote the Online Diary column for the Times' Circuits section, and she's still a frequent contributor to the paper.

She's also been the on-air correspondent at MSNBC and a columnist at Her documentaries about NASCAR racing and South of the Border, a tourist trap in South Carolina, have aired on public television.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Lisa is proud to have worked in craft services on the horror film Hellraiser III, as a publicity coordinator for an alternative to prison for nonviolent female offenders and their children in North Carolina, and as a producer at a division of QVC, where her team produced shows that helped sell all manner of stuff.

Lisa is a proud graduate of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and lives in Los Angeles, although she is a native of Brooklyn, New York.

She joined Marketplace in February of 2004.


Features by Lisa Napoli

Helpful tax moves to prepare for 2009

Many of us are looking for helpful tax hints to make up for a dismal year. Tess Vigeland talks to Wall Street Journal tax columnist Tom Herman, who gives us some tips on moves we may want to make to prepare for the next tax day.
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Hello, Bhutan? It's capitalism calling

The tiny Asian kingdom of Bhutan has had cell phones for just a few years, and a choice of providers for only a few months. Now its people are experiencing what happens when a company competes for their business. Lisa Napoli reports.

Laptop prices expected to rise too

While it seems the price of everything is rising, electronics -- computers in particular -- are getting more powerful and cheaper at the same time. But Lisa Napoli reports that's about to end.
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WiMax promise: Online all the time

Sprint and a company called Clearwire today announced a $14.5 billion deal to establish a wireless network that would make it possible for you to be online almost anywhere. A slew of companies are involved, including Google. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Pepsi and the bottled water activists

PepsiCo shareholders have their annual meeting today. Pepsi announced this week it would reduce plastic packaging. But some shareholders are also concerned about the plastic Pepsi uses for bottled water. Lisa Napoli reports
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AP, newspapers fit print into iPhone

The Associated Press and 100 of its member newspapers have launched a service that will allow you better access to local news on the go. Lisa Napoli explains.

What's next for Yahoo?

This weekend Microsoft raised its offer to buy Yahoo, but Yahoo turned it down. Was that a miscalculation on Yahoo's part? There's already one shareholder lawsuit against Yahoo. What's next? Lisa Napoli reports.
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Tyson told to stop winging it in ads

A federal appeals court has told Tyson Foods, the country's biggest chicken producer, to stop an advertising campaign that claims its birds are free of antibiotics -- because they're not. Lisa Napoli reports.
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'Iron Man' launches blockbuster season

For Hollywood, May 1 marks the start of the summer movie season. Lisa Napoli says Tinseltown has high hopes for big box office returns this year, beginning with the release today of "Iron Man."
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The skyline's falling! The skyline's falling!

A $3 billion plan to revitalize downtown Los Angeles has been pushed back due to the credit crunch. Lisa Napoli reports on what it means when commercial real estate developers can't develop real estate.
Posted In: Economy, Housing


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