In more then twenty years in journalism, Lisa Napoli has managed to work for almost every major media company (and for several shows and ventures that have unceremoniously shut down).

Lisa began her career at CNN in the early eighties, covered the first Clinton campaign and the Waco standoff for Fox News long before it became a 24-7 news channel, and was one of the first reporters to cover the Web for the mainstream media when she joined the New York Times CyberTimes in 1996, where she wrote the popular Hyperwocky column. For a time, she wrote the Online Diary column for the Times' Circuits section, and she's still a frequent contributor to the paper.

She's also been the on-air correspondent at MSNBC and a columnist at Her documentaries about NASCAR racing and South of the Border, a tourist trap in South Carolina, have aired on public television.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Lisa is proud to have worked in craft services on the horror film Hellraiser III, as a publicity coordinator for an alternative to prison for nonviolent female offenders and their children in North Carolina, and as a producer at a division of QVC, where her team produced shows that helped sell all manner of stuff.

Lisa is a proud graduate of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and lives in Los Angeles, although she is a native of Brooklyn, New York.

She joined Marketplace in February of 2004.


Features by Lisa Napoli

Building a road to a better economy in Bhutan

Until just about 40 years ago, Bhutan didn't have any paved roads. Now, the country's first democratically elected parliament is making good on a promise to residents to build roads to the most remote of mountain villages. It's already making a difference.

Bhutan's insulated happiness

Steve Chiotakis talks to former Marketplace reporter Lisa Napoli about her new book, "Radio Shangri-La," covering her travels to Bhutan.

Exploring new ground in Bhutan

When my friend Sherab Tenzin got appointed as the governor of the remote eastern Mongar district of Bhutan a few years ago, it was kind of like an...
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For authors, dealing with booksellers can be key

Authors and booksellers are crowding Book Expo America in New York City to seal the deal on which books will end up in which bookstores. Lisa Napoli explains why this is a vital step for authors who want sales success.

Bank gives Bhutan lifeline to the world

In the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, the first commercial bank has just opened its doors -- and the entrepreneurial Bhutanese are delighted. Bill Radke talks to Lisa Napoli, who is in the country's capital of Thimphu.

Yoga teachers bent on no regulations

The ancient practice of yoga has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, so a growing number of states are trying to regulate it. But that's leaving some yoga teachers in a twist. Lisa Napoli reports.
Posted In: Sports

Web site makes you the charity

Helping friends or family members financially can be embarrassing for those on the receiving end. But a new Web site called "Giving Anonymously," is helping people give to those in need without the awkward face-to-face exchange. Lisa Napoli reports.
Posted In: Charity

Job fairs: all work and no pay?

There may be job fairs popping up in every major city, but many are offering only internships or volunteer positions and few paid jobs. However, working for free now could put you ahead down the line. Lisa Napoli reports from UCLA.
Posted In: Economy, Jobs

New law forces some pools to pull plug

The Memorial Day weekend is when many public swimming pools open up for the unofficial start of summer. But several pools may remain closed for part of the season due to a new law. Lisa Napoli reports.
Posted In: Crime

Working for free profits the soul

Just because you don't have a paying job right now doesn't mean you have to stop working. Nonprofits are being currently flooded with volunteers, many of them professionals with long resumes. Lisa Napoli reports this can also be a good career strategy.
Posted In: Jobs


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