Lindsay Foster Thomas joined the staff of Marketplace as the associate producer/director of Marketplace Money in October 2012.  As the show's associate producer, she helped create show content, edit audio, direct the broadcast and worked closely with the program's host and production staff to make personal finance something listeners wanted to hear about while relaxing on the weekends.

In April 2014, Lindsay became associate producer for Marketplace's Wealth & Poverty Desk, exploring issues surrounding income inequality through on-air and online storytelling.

Before coming to Marketplace, she worked as managing editor of "The State of Things" hosted by Frank Stasio on North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC). While at WUNC, Lindsay's work earned awards from the Radio Televison News Directors Association (RTNDA) and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).  Lindsay has also worked at WVEE, WAOK and WRFG in her native Atlanta, Ga.  She has a masters in journalism from Columbia University in New York and she is a proud alumna of Hampton University, a historically black university situated along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia where she got her start in radio at WHOV, the campus station. Go Pirates!

Lindsay lives in downtown Los Angeles with a blonde, four-legged roommate named MacKenzie who never pays her half of the rent.  She loves to travel abroad, has an impressively large collection of Archie Comics and she is the past president of the RDU Karaoke Club based in Durham, NC. If you have a story idea, a question, a comment or an L.A. karaoke bar recommendation, feel free to send her a message at


Features by Lindsay Foster Thomas

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A futuristic horror film called "The Purge" opens at the box office this weekend and to survive the horror, you have to have... enough money.
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