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In Dayton, taking fresh food to the bus stop

New approach to fighting food deserts puts fresh produce in the middle of town
Posted In: food deserts, farmers market, Dayton

The tough road from Bhutan refugee camp to the US

Many of the refugees have never worked and have had little to no education.
Posted In: refugees, Ohio, Bhutan
Many restaurants prohibit adults from ordering off items from the kid's menu.

Why can’t adults order off the kids’ menu?

Big people with little appetites: you can't always get what you want.
Posted In: restaurants, kids, adult, Food, menu
Talk Like a Pirate Day is a national event celebrated on YouTube every September.

Just how do national days get on the calendar?

It's Go Barefoot Day? Penpal Day? Say Something Nice Day? Who says?

A call for responsible banking in low-income neighborhoods

A growing number of cities are requiring banks to be "socially responsible."
Posted In: Banks, socially responsible investments, Dayton

The green movement heads underground

Enter environmentally friendly burials.
Posted In: green, Burial, environmental
Mike Fullenkamp, a supervisor at the Fuyao plant, says he's been looking forward to Fuyao coming to town ever since the announcement over a year ago.

Chinese factories move to a new frontier: America

Chinese companies need more of the kinds of skilled labor available in the U.S.
Posted In: Dayton, China, manufacturing
A wInter sky at sunset over Sugarcreek MetroPark in the Dayton, Ohio, area.

Old golf courses become new kind of wilderness

Failed golf courses are being allowed to return to their natural states.
Posted In: Golf, lawns, green

Black-owned funeral homes face existential challenge

As black neighborhoods change, funeral directors are struggling to adapt.
Posted In: funerals, cremation, death

Water could be "blue gold" for Dayton, OH

As states face major water shortages, some cities sense a business opportunity
Posted In: bottled water, Ohio, California drought 2014, drought


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