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Features by Lewis Wallace

Black-owned funeral homes face existential challenge

As black neighborhoods change, funeral directors are struggling to adapt.
Posted In: funerals, cremation, death

Water could be "blue gold" for Dayton, OH

As states face major water shortages, some cities sense a business opportunity
Posted In: bottled water, Ohio, California drought 2014, drought

ERs are still busy, Affordable Care Act and all

But it's not clear how much is left to change.
Posted In: ER, ACA, Obamacare, medicaid, Ohio

The lowdown on employee discounts

What if everything in your favorite store was 30 percent off, every single day?
Posted In: discount, employees

Your coffee cup probably isn't recyclable… yet

Big names like McDonald's and Jamba Juice have tossed polystyrene cups.
Posted In: buying green, styrofoam, coffee, paper cups

Love the ice cream truck? Thank inventor Fred Jones

After Fred Jones lost a truckload of overheated chickens, he invented the refrigerated truck. Jones was self-taught, but took out 60 patents in his lifetime.
Posted In: black history month

Ghostboxes: What's left behind when Target shuts its doors?

Best Buy, Sears, Kmart have closed hundreds of stores since 2011 -- and Target's not far behind. But shuttering big-box stores has unanticipated consequences
Posted In: Target, ghostboxes, big box stores, big box

New York, Texas among test sites for commercial drones

Dayton, Ohio competed with two dozen areas around the country to become a federal testing range for commercial drones.
Posted In: drones, Amazon, Ohio, commercial drones
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