Features by Lauren Chooljian

A different kind of 'power' broker in Chicago

Voters in the Windy City to decide whether City Hall can negotiate for cheaper electricity rates.
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Moving to Canada? Better get a lawyer

The old political punchline about moving to Canada if an election goes the wrong way is more than a joke to some -- and a lot harder to pull off than most people suspect.
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The economics behind the ice cream man

Kids across the country are getting in their last licks from their neighborhood ice cream man. But while they and their parents have chocolate eclairs on their minds, their drivers are making a complicated economic calculus.
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Rental markets tighten up in Chicago

Renters trying to find places in hot up-and-coming neighborhoods in Chicago find themselves facing big price increases and stiff competition.
Posted In: Housing, Chicago, rent

New highway may leave Illinois homeowners in the dust

Lawmakers in Illinois are poised to take up a bill to hasten construction on a new expressway. But to get the land for the highway, lawmakers may use a controversial method known as quick-take power.
Posted In: Transportation, eminent domain, Illinois
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